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Munchkin Dungeons Board Silly

Munchkin Dungeons Board Silly

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  • Description

    You never know what you’ll come across when traveling through a Dungeon. In one Room, you stumble upon a magic orb. Daring a peek, you are drawn into a massive hallucination that changes the world from a stone-and-brick dungeon into a vast flat plane. You’re unable to move as you and your equipment transform into some strange material, softer than metal, but hard like wood. Two to five gods stare down upon you, rolling dice for your fate. And sometimes an enormous feline will leap into the fray, scattering dice, people, and Monsters as the gods laugh and shoo it away!

    • 5 Miniatures
    • 5 Board Game Collector Shelf tiles
    • 24 Threat cards
    • 12 Room cards
    • 24 Loot cards